What Does CLEAN SHINGLES mean?

Keeping the dumpster clean with these three materials will allow us to recycle your roofing shingles at ourShingle Recycling Facility.
» Shingles
» Nails
» Black paper / Tar paper
All other Roofing Materials must be bagged and placed on top of the shingles.
See Instructions Below.

What about the other roofing material that is not recyclable? How do I dispose of these materials? We will dispose of these materials, if they are placed on top of the clean shingles in the following manor:
Place these materials ON TOP of clean shingles.
We will remove these materials if they are on top, and dispose of at our Shingle Recycling Facility:
» Wood Decking (up to 5 Sheets Total)
» Gutters
» Vents
» Flashing
» Antennas
» Satellite Dishes
» Plastic Ridge Caps
» Wood Skids
NOTE: Small wood debris must be placed in provided plastic bags.

You must bag ALL TRASH in the provided trash bags. Then place ON TOP of clean shingles.
LIMIT 2 BAGS–Extra bags/debris will incur extra charges.
» New Shingle Wrapping (Plastic and Paper)
» Beverage Containers, Cups, Bottles, Cans, etc.
» Food Wrappers / Containers
» Caulking Containers and Application Tools
» Gloves
These Items must be bagged in Plastic Trash Bags that are provided when you rent our dumpsters, and then placed on top of the clean shingles. Excessive debris or debris ‘hidden’ within the load will result in additional charges for the extra handling of the load.
Bags loaded must be easily handled. NO HEAVY BAGS PLEASE.

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